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Viking Cruises Quick Stats

Founded: 1997
Ships in Fleet: 52
Similar Cruise Lines:

About Viking Cruises

The Viking Cruises company was established by a Scandinavian and Dutch consortium led by Torstein Hagen in 1997. Today, this company has global corporate headquarters in the U.S., while their main operational headquarters are found in Basel, Switzerland. Viking began as a small line focused on river cruises in Russia, and has seen significant growth and success since then.

Today, Viking has more than 50 boats sailing every major river throughout the continent of Europe, as well as a few in Asia and North Africa. Not only does Viking offer river cruises, but as of 2015 they will also begin offering ocean cruises on their brand new ocean liner. Their success has allowed Viking to operate one of the fastest growing fleets in history. On March 20, 2013, Viking launched 10 new ships simultaneously, earning them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Viking Cruises offers an incredible experience with a community feel. Many reviewers have written about how much they love the special blend of hospitality offered on Viking cruises. Aboard the ship, you can sample cuisines from all over the world, take in views of the surrounding scenery, watch a movie at the cinema, get a massage, and much more. Also, Viking promotes a communal atmosphere, encouraging guests to interact with each other and have fun. Whether you’re grabbing a drink at the bar or relaxing poolside, you have the opportunity to make friends with someone from another part of the world. The entire ship is set up for socializing, engaging in exciting activities, and having fun.

Where They Cruise

Having started operations in Russia, Viking has expanded throughout Europe into Asia and Egypt. You can find Viking river boat cruises in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and nearly every other European country.

The ocean cruise offerings from Viking currently include routes from Scandinavia to Spain and across the Mediterranean. While having only one ocean liner places some limitations on available sailing dates and ports of call, Viking offers a great selection of destinations for European vacationers. Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul, Venice, Ephesus and Athens are just a few of the beautiful and historic cities found on the Viking Cruises itineraries.

Newest Ships/Itineraries

As the travel industry’s only new cruise line in almost a decade, Viking recently announced the launch of a new ocean liner and a selection of unique sailing itineraries. This new expansion will be developed from the ground up with one ship, Viking Star, sailing in 2015. For all its ocean liner itineraries, Viking is focusing on taking its passengers to amazing destinations rather than just spending several days at sea. For this reason, the Viking Star has plenty of amenities to help guests relax and recuperate from an eventful day exploring the city. At each port of call, when passengers return to the ship, they will find world-class dining, restful spa treatments and delightful entertainment options.

The all-veranda Viking Star is designed to offer 928 passengers direct access to most ports. This ensures guests have easy and efficient debarkation and embarkation during their tours. There’s nothing worse than standing in line for an hour or more, just to get on or off the boat when you should be having fun on your vacation. Maximum guest comfort is the primary objective of its modern Scandinavian design.

The relaxing feel extends to the on-board swimming pools. The main pool has a retractable dome that permits all-season swimming. Additionally, the Viking Star is the only cruise ship to feature infinity pools at sea. After a dip in the pool, passengers can relax with on-board spa services. The Explorers Lounge and Winter Garden both offer a relaxing oasis while passengers wait to arrive at their next port of call.

The two-deck Explorers Lounge is located at the bow of the ship. This spot offers breathtaking views through double-high windows. Additionally, the Viking Star has a wealth of dining options while in between port meals. There are several restaurants, including the World Cafe, Chef’s Table, Italian Grill and The Kitchen Table. They all serve meals that have been prepared on board with fresh, local ingredients.

The available itineraries for the Viking Star include:

  • Viking homelands (15 days in Stockholm, St Petersburg, Copenhagen and Bergen)
  • Passage through Western Europe (15 days: in Bergen, London, Paris and Barcelona)
  • Mediterranean Odyssey (13 days in Barcelona, Rome, Dubrovnik and Venice)
  • Empires of the Mediterranean (10 days Venice, Athens, Ephesus and Istanbul)

Fun Facts

The name for each Viking river cruise ship comes from a figure in Norse mythology.

Each of the river cruise ships in the Viking fleet is the same, except for the artwork at the top of the main stairwell. This image features the figure from Norse mythology, which the ship is named after.

Currently, Viking River Cruises has a fleet of 52 ships and Viking Ocean Cruises has one ship.

Viking does not offer room service and meal times are set. This is an important departure from the meal policies of other cruise lines that passengers should be aware of. However, most passengers have found that this arrangement promotes a more communal feel.

Viking Cruises Deals

While the price you pay for your cruise with Viking Cruises depends on the length of the trip, time of year, and destination, you can expect to get prices that are competitive with other major cruise lines operating in Europe and Asia. In addition, you can insure your investment with Cruise Insurance.

To save money on your river or ocean cruise, try booking during off-season or looking through the Special Offers offered by Viking throughout the year. You can also sign up as a member with Viking Cruises to receive discounted prices on trips before the general public knows. Also, in general, booking one to three months in advance ensures you get a good price on a cruise.

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