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Star Cruises Quick Stats

Founded: 1993
Ships in Fleet: 13
Similar Cruise Lines:

About Star Cruises

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Star Cruises is the leading cruise line in the Asia-Pacific region and is largely responsible for developing the cruise industry in the area. Since 1993, the company has catered to Asian vacationers as well as those from other parts of the world interested in experiencing exciting Asian destinations. Owned by Genting Hong Kong–which also owns Norwegian Cruise Line–Star Cruises stands as the world’s third-largest cruise line when combined with its jointly-owned entity.

The focus for most trips offered by Star Cruises is on visiting the fantastic destinations and letting passengers off in convenient locations for sightseeing. However, Star Cruises also places top priority on on-board entertainment and amenities. You can expect superior customer service and a fun-loving atmosphere aboard the ship, which means you’ll have a blast every second of the cruise. When it docks, you can also expect to be near some of that specific destination’s best places to see, whether you’re arriving in Sydney or Xiamen.

Star Cruises is known for offering freestyle cruising, which means no formalities throughout the trip. You can choose to attend cultural dance performances, music concerts and more, or you can go off on your own and get a massage or relax by the swimming pool. Star Cruises also aims to serve a wide range of interests. They offer soothing spa and fitness programs, lively fiesta celebrations and a variety of other activities. Star Cruises also has tailor-made services and activities for married couples, seniors, children, corporate groups and other travelers. Additionally, you can sample an array of delicious Asian cuisines, as well as other dishes from around the globe.

Cruises range from one night to 35 days or more, and amenities span basic to high-end, which means Star Cruises has something for every budget and time frame. Cruises depart from major cities in East and Southeast Asia and often make stops in exciting ports along the way. Take advantage of stops to explore local attractions and shops. While the ship is at sea, though, the vast majority of holiday goers are busy engaging in activities ranging from mini-golf and photography to comedy shows and magic performances.

Where They Cruise

Currently, Star Cruises takes passengers to over 25 destinations in the following countries: Australia, Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong), Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. With such fascinating destinations, you’ll have the chance to have an unforgettable holiday. Watch the sunrise over glittering skyscrapers in Hong Kong, soak up the sun on the gorgeous beaches of Krabi, Thailand, explore the sites of Sydney or stroll through the bustling streets of Singapore. If you have more time, take a longer cruise to fit as many of these fascinating locations in one trip.

Newest Ships/Itineraries

Star Cruises boasts six ships in its fleet. A new mega cruise ship–called the Genting World–began cruising in the autumn of 2016. Genting World is designed to accommodate a total of 4,500 passengers and 2,000 crew staff, and will feature over 30 food and beverage outlets, a waterpark, a street night market and luxury goods stores. In addition to Genting World, another mega cruise ship is planned to start sailing in the autumn of 2017.

Star Cruises has begun to offer new itineraries for travelers. Most recently, the cruise company began the 48-Day Southern Hemisphere Adventure on its Superstar Virgo ship. This long excursion takes you to over 20 ports, including Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Melbourne and numerous others. If you want to see the best destinations in Asia and Australia in one trip, this is the cruise to choose.

Star Cruises also recently launched Star Illusions at Sea for passengers to enjoy. These pieces of art create three-dimensional illusions from two-dimensional paintings. Located throughout the ships, travelers can interact with the artwork and snap photos of themselves “inside” the piece.

Fun Facts

Genting World, which will start sailing in 2016, amounts to nearly double the gross tonnage of Star Cruises’ current largest ship, Superstar Virgo (over 75,000 tons). That means travelers can expect an abundance of new and exciting cruises from Star Cruises in the near future. No matter which ship you board, however, you can expect an abundance of amenities, like karaoke rooms, tea houses, lounges, fitness centers and other offerings.

Before cruising, you can shop online and enjoy the same discounts you get on board. When you arrive on ship, simply present your confirmation receipt to receive your products.

Star Cruises Deals

While the price you pay for your Star Cruises trip depends on the length, type of cruise and the time of year you go, you can expect to pay prices that are competitive with other major cruise lines that operate in Asia. Also, by investing in an Allianz Cruise Insurance plan you might also give yourself some financial peace of mind in the process.

In addition, you can save money on your booking by searching during less popular travel times and by looking through the “Hot Deals” offered by Star Cruises throughout the year. Star Cruises also has a rewards program that allows you to obtain and redeem points and, as a Star Genting Rewards Member, you can enjoy certain privileges that regular passengers don’t, such as discounted rates during the month of your birthday, invitations to exclusive events and early reservation for performances.

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